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KOKO Service Booking platform sparks economic revival with market storm initiative

Credit: KOKO

Leading service booking platform in Nigeria, KOKO, has launched a market storm initiative to bolster business visibility for traders and stimulate the local economy.

The market storm event, which commenced in Abule Egba, Lagos State, on March 06, 2024,  witnessed a flurry of activity as over 50 traders eagerly embraced the opportunity to join the KOKO platform.   Service providers ranging from local artisans to small-scale entrepreneurs expressed optimism about the initiative’s potential to boost their businesses and navigate the present economic challenges.

Emphasising the significance of the market storm initiative, The Chief Executive Officer, KOKO, Nelson T. Ajulo, stated, “In times of economic hardship, businesses must adapt and innovate. By leveraging technology and connectivity, KOKO aims to empower local businesses and drive economic development.

Through KOKO, enterprises can reach a broader clientele, thereby boosting their prominence and supporting their growth in a demanding economic climate. Entrepreneurs can rely on the platform’s robust business management, financial transactions, seamless staff management, and data-driven insights for business growth.’’

The KOKO market storm initiative directly addresses the digital disparity faced by Nigerian businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as highlighted by a 2023 Google partnership article.

The article underscores SMEs’ lack of online presence, which impedes their visibility in the market. As a response, KOKO aims to address this issue by promoting innovation and enhancing the visibility of Nigeria’s dynamic trading environment.

While service providers leverage the platform for visibility, service seekers on the platform can enjoy diverse vendor options, an interactive user interface, trustworthy transactions & secure connections, and personalised searches with inclusive filters for a personalised experience.

KOKO was launched by Zarttech, Africa Tech Giant, leading global innovation while building uniform and strategic relationships across multiple continents, including Africa, Europe, South America, and North America, resulting in sustainable economic benefits for all.

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