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Industry Summit 05: Experts tasks Marketers on Sustainable Marketing

Becoming a sustainable marketer is no longer optional, sustainability has become a necessity for the future. Issues around around this ascertion was the crux of discussion at the recently concluded Industry Summit with the: “Sustainable Marketing for Growth” recently held in Lagos.

While delivering his keynote paper, the keynote speaker, Emmanuel Oriakhi, Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries PLC who was ably represented by Samson Oloche, Portfolio Manager, Nigerian Breweries PLC, pointed out that; “as consumers are becoming more conscious of their environmental imprint, sustainable marketing is becoming more important.”

According to him, the economic challenge affects every player in the economy it is only when we come together that we can tackle the challenges and forge a way going forward, noting that, there are different consumers with varying expectations there is therefore the need to create products that meet them at their various need.

“It is important to know that we cannot talk about fixing an industry without addressing the problems each individual group in the industry face to be able to fashion out a holistic solution to the total group.”

He further stressed that, sustainable marketing ensures that marketers adopt ways of ensuring that the expectations are met, adding that, here are so much the consumers want from brand and so as brand managers, what we are giving in terms of value should be beyond what we are getting from the consumers.

“Sustainability is a journey which has not arrived at its destination but it up to all of us to find a way to make impact to the consumers and the environment at large. Social media is playing a huge role in ensuring that every conversation is brought to the fore hence brand managers should take advantage of this to put their brand in front of the people and to control the narratives.” He noted.

Also, in her presentation, one of the guest speakers, Omobolanle Victor-Laniyan, Head of Sustainability, Access Holdings, who was represented by Moji Coker, Head of Communication, Access Holdings disclosed that, “Innovative marketing requires that a company innovates by producing new products and services while improving and updating existing ones. This strategy often ensures that companies continuously identify better ways to develop and market products and services.”

According to her, “companies adopt innovative methods through new product development, product packaging, positioning strategies, specifications, market segmentation, customer value, delivery of goods and customer satisfaction. Enlightened marketers and sustainable businesses understand how to market new products or enter new markets successfully. They also know that the perfect way to grow and achieve success is always to offer consumers what they want.”

Continuing, she pointed out that, “Meeting Customer Priorities: With increasing awareness about environmental and social issues, customers prioritize sustainability when making purchasing decisions. Sustainable products offer long-term value and positive impacts, aligning with customers’ desire to support environmentally and socially responsible brands. Studies indicate that a substantial portion of consumers are willing to switch brands if they perceive a lack of sustainability, underscoring the importance of integrating sustainable practices into marketing strategies.”

She further stressed that, “consistently practice sustainable marketing by integrating it into all aspects of company operations, from brand values to packaging, initiating changes in sourcing, packaging, and operations while prioritizing customer preferences, environmental impact, and documenting all actions taken or planned.”

“Utilize storytelling as a powerful sustainable marketing strategy by documenting sustainable actions taken by your business. Gather data about your production process to enhance credibility. Incorporate these stories across social media, blogs, and other media platforms.” She added.

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