ExxonMobil Foundation, JA Africa launch  $300,000 STEM Program


A $300,000 “ExxonMobil STEM Africa” initiative, aimed at promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for approximately 3,000 African students across Nigeria, Namibia, Angola and Mozambique, has been launched.

The initiative launched by ExxonMobil Foundation and JA Africa willprovide STEM and problem-solving skills to students across continent; Students to compete for chance to attend major regional industry conference; Aims to develop the next generation of African thinkers and workforce.

The program will prepare middle and high school students for future STEM careers through immersive quizzes and hands-on experiences at Innovation Camps. The camps, delivered by JA Africa, will teach new approaches to addressing STEM-related challenges.

“Growing students’ STEM skills is key in developing the next generation of problem solvers across Africa,” ExxonMobil Foundation President Alvin Abraham said. “We’re excited to see how these young minds apply what they’ve learned through our program.”

Teams who present the best STEM solutions will represent their countries at a major regional industry conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Students will gain cross-cultural exposure, learn about energy from a global perspective and showcase their ideas while connecting with industry leaders.

“In an era where technology and innovation propel the global economy forward, Africa’s position at the forefront of technological advancements is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and sustainable development,” said JA Africa President and CEO Simi Nwogugu. “We are grateful to the ExxonMobil Foundation for this partnership to nurture STEM competencies to shape Africa’s future.”

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