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Burson:  Reinventing how reputation creates competitive advantage for clients 

Today marked the official launch of Burson, the global communications leader creating value for clients through reputation to enable innovation, growth and leadership. The brand identity and new client and talent offerings unveiled today articulate Burson’s expertise delivering creative and compelling solutions for building reputational capital.   
“Businesses and organizations are operating in a constant state of complexity and uncertainty, marked by rapid advancements in technology, economic volatility, wide-ranging activism, and social and geopolitical turbulence,” said Corey duBrowa, Global CEO, Burson. “A strong reputation grounded in action, communicated clearly and creatively, and deployed as capital across stakeholders will enable clients to succeed in this environment. Reputation is a company’s most valuable asset for enhancing perception and growing performance, preference, valuation and return.”

Burson launched its new visual identity and value proposition across all global channels, articulating its modern approach to reinventing how reputation is built and protected in today’s dynamic environment. To bring this new positioning to life, Burson introduced a series of products and programs to empower its counselors and creators to solve clients’ challenges across sectors and markets. The new visual identity, inspired by the power of light to illuminate insights and reveal opportunity, reinforces the company’s commitment to counseling clients with bold creativity and advisory solutions.

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